Friday, February 20, 2009

Seed Beading

I worked on seed beading a little bit today. I've been away from it quite a while. I was very excited last year to see that Carol Huber Cypher had a book being published. I pre-ordered it and devoured it as soon as it arrived. I love her color combinations, designs and the way the book is organized. I'm working my way through the book, sloooooooowly. (Actually, I'm still on the first project.) I'll post a pic when it is done.

A nice group of seed beaders gets together once or twice a month close to my house. Their work is amazing and inspiring. Theresa Buchle has been teaching and selling kits and instructions for quite a while. I met one of my BeadersShowcase friends, Kim Curtis, in person too! She is working on the most beautiful beaded thing I've ever seen. It's a gift for someone so I won't say any more about it. Hopefully she'll post it on her BeadersShowcase page when it is finished. The other folks have awesome work but no links to share.

I'm glad they let me hang out with them while I'm (temporarily, I hope) back to the "beginner" stage!


  1. I loved Carol's book too! Love it being spiral bound and easy to use. And so much good information.

    You do lovely work.

  2. Marcia - I'm a fan of yours. I love your articles and look forward to seeing your book someday.