Tuesday, March 10, 2009

paperwork :(

UGH. I started to tally up my 2008 expenses today. That sounds easy enough, right? But, noooo, I have to make it difficult. I thought I'd be clever and put everything into QuickBooks. I downloaded the free version last month because I heard it was easy to use. huh.

Okay, I learned double-entry accounting back in the dark ages of pencil and paper before PCs or Macs were invented. After a tutorial and a couple of hours of entering "cash expenses," I knew deep-down that tool purchases should not be going in "Supplies."

Long story short, I'm going to start over the old-fashioned way tomorrow morning.

I'll mark the category (or categories) on each receipt and put them in appropriate piles, add up and file each pile, tally up the expenses, check the rules on which items to depreciate, and go forward.

On the bright side, I already added up the sales in January. :)


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