Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Display Revamping


Let me warn you. Refrain from any bright ideas to spray-paint your faux-leather necklace displays with Krylon Fusion paint. It will flake off in odd places even with two coats of sealant and careful packing. Touching up the nicks is futile. On the other hand, the displays will look really cool at first.

That being said, I needed to replace all the ones I had so enthusiatically sprayed. Simple enough, right? I can go to Texas Store Fixtures or order from Rio Grande or Thunderbird. huh. Texas Store Fixtures doesn't have any because the manufacturer or importer has been black-listed by US Customs. I wonder if that's related to the faux leather purses with high levels of lead?

The ones I ordered from Rio Grande and Thunderbird were, well, wrinkly. I ordered from a couple of other places last week. All the necklace displays are good! Now my booth won't look so naked. It will have busts, lots of busts. :)


I found a lightweight 6' table that folds in half at Home Depot. I swear it weighs less than my 4' tables.


I found a couple more little stools for risers today. They are painted, waxed and ready to go.


Wasn't I going to make earrings all day today? Do hand-made earwires count?

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