Friday, April 10, 2009

La Villita Spring Arts Festival

The La Villita Spring Arts Festival (in San Antonio TX) went quite well. It was my second time setting up the tent by myself and the first time doing so with two fully functioning arms. It sooo much easier with two arms that work and have some strength!

Without further ado, here is my current booth display. I need more necklace busts (long story there) and have already bought more bracelet ramps. I want a longer back table too. I have some roll-up ones from Cabela's that I'm going to test out this weekend.

The show had a very different look and atmosphere on Sunday. We had 20 to 30 mph wind gusts. After my tent scooted around, even with weights, I took the walls down. Everyone with the canvas/nylon walls had open-air tents that day. It was more fun being able to see and talk to more neighbors.

By the way, each of those wooden necklace stands from Rio Grande took a tumble to the concrete without any damage. They are pricey, but well made. I quickly found some rocks to weight them with.

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  1. The leafy table covers look really nice and I love the green accent colors in your display!