Monday, June 29, 2009

Etsy Treasury!

My brown pearl necklace was featured in an Etsy treasury today! woo-hoo!

I got the pic of the treasury to look decent with just a few steps. So I have notes for next time, I'll tell you how I did it. I used the FireShot screen capture and GIMP software. FireShot is a free FireFox browser add-on. GIMP is a free software that is similar to a very basic Photoshop.

FireShot lets you chose to capture the "visible area" or the "whole page." The visible area didn't show my item on the bottom row. The whole page included all the Treasury comments. I chose "whole page," then clicked the icon for "save capture." This saves the file and opens the directory window where you can see a thumbnail of the file. I right-clicked on the file and selected "edit with GIMP." I used the crop tool to select only the area I wanted and saved the file. Voila! I had just the part of the page I wanted.


  1. Yay, Carol! Did you snag one of the "front page" buttons?
    Congrats on your Treasury exposure!!

  2. It was a treasury, not the front page.