Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I finally got my fledging little website up and published - www.carolbradleydesigns.com . I know it looks like there is hardly anything to it, but there was a learning curve! I can muddle along with this for a year or five until I have a real web designer.

This wasn't all that hard really. I used Network Solutions and they have very good instructions. The little decisions like the template, colors, what size Etsy mini, making the show schedule easy to read, etc. were a bit headache - inducing. I already see a little problemo. The copyright symbol looks right on only one page. At least I can cut and paste the correct one to the other pages.

I put in some key words for SEO to get started. I'll have to revisit that more seriously in the future.

I'm off to the gym now! I'll deal with that copyright symbol manana.

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