Thursday, September 10, 2009

Bead Goodies

I restrained myself mightily from my usual bead show buying habits this weekend. I only bought one strand of beads on Saturday. A lot of beads that caught my eye were similar to ones I already have. I do have enough to last me a while, but it's always fun to find new things. I succeeded at finding new beads on Sunday. Here's my loot. I bought 3 strands of that chunky carnelian because I love it so much and ... um ... I was running low on chunky matte carnelian. Really, I am!

From top to bottom:
red Chinese crystal (they look like velvet)
faceted labradorite
faceted bronzite
two sizes of snakeskin jasper
tiger eye (yes, I have a ton, but not in that shape)
matte chunky carnelian
three strands of red creek jasper (could any beads look more like fall than these?)
nicely facted citrine
two strands of pearls

I bought another strand of brown pearls and used most of them with rhyolite beads. I'll post these in my Etsy shop this evening.


  1. Good restraint! I love the brown pearls with the rhyolite!

  2. Thanks. I had a convo about them already and they are close to selling, I hope. :)

  3. The set sold within 24 hours!