Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Frisco Arts Festival Artists

The Frisco Arts Festival was nice. We had cool, sunny weather and I saw a lot of very talented artists.

I had super-nice booth neighbors. One was Jay Garrison, who has been making found object assemblage art for 40 years (yes, forty). Check this out! It includes a metal vase, food strainer, aluminum fan blade, cake server, candle holders and much more. He and his wife were just delightful. Please visit his web site to see more of his creations.

Another very nice guy was Kent Harris. He was a few booths away with pottery that was somehow beautiful and rustic at the same time. He uses only wood ash glazes. I'll post a picture of the mug/cup I bought later, but check out his web site in the meantime.

I'll post about more of the vendors later.

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