Monday, October 12, 2009

Kitty Cat Updates

Mr. Sparky cat has been diagnosed with diabetes. This will mean two shots a day forever. Ms. Hazel cat had been on special food for kidney problems for about six weeks. During that time, Sparky's urine output has about doubled. He is making mountains in the clumping litter! I mentioned this to the vet and she said to get him in for a check-up right away. The kidney diet is bad for cats with diabetes. I dropped him off before I left for the Rockport Seafair. She ran tests and concluded he has diabetes. The good news is that his kidneys have not been affected. I will see the vet tomorrow to find out all the details of giving shots, etc.

I took advantage of Sparky being away to bring in Ms. Susie outdoor kitty. With Sparky gone, no one is trying to intimidate her. The other girls just gave her a catty glance. Susie has tried to get my attention by sitting near a door and whining every so often. I'm wearing her down. She's been sitting next to me more and at a door less. We might even have a peaceful night, assuming she doesn't try to join the others on the bed. Speaking of which... it's that time.

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