Monday, October 26, 2009

New Sewing Machine!

I had a sewing machine lesson today. (Even though I do know how to sew.) I bought one of those snazzy computerized machines last week. It came with two free orientation lessons. The machine is a Janome and is at the low-end of snazzy. Still, it's my first with any computerized gadgetry. It has a one-step buttonholer. Yep, just set the buttonhole size on the foot and push a button!

The coolest thing (not even electronic) is that it has a very dandy gadget that threads the needle for you. That will save soooo much time. Needle-threading used to drive me crazy way before I had glasses. I can't imagine doing that with bifocals. Well, I can imagine it and it's not a pretty sight.

I bought fabric for my soon-to-be-new tablecovers today too. They will debut at Kyle Market Days on 11/7.


  1. I will try to hobble over to market days to check out the new table covers and say "hi". I'm hoping for good weather that weekend!

  2. Yes, we need to keep a lot of fingers crossed for decent weather that day! I hope you are doing better than hobbling by then.