Thursday, January 28, 2010

How do you keep your studio from spiraling into chaos?

My studio gets a good clearing-out about every other year.  I didn't take "before" shots. That would have been too embarrassing (not to mention somewhat depressing)!  One entire 5' table, two trashbags, and a few small totes of stuff have been removed.  I finally feel I can share my space with you.

There are more photos and notes in my Flickr set.

Please, do tell me:  how do you keep your studio from spiraling into chaos?


  1. Hi Carol,
    I promise you my workshop isn't that organised. if you are ever in England you would be very welcome to come and see for yourself! I'll have to post a photo of the chaos I normally work in.

  2. Angela - Mine won't look like this for long! Yours looked very tidy in your blog pic. Take care!

  3. Hey Carol, looks nice and clean....too clean some might say! ;o) How long will it last????

    Wish I had a studio to spiral out of control..... ;oO

  4. LOL @hellogorgeous. It is starting its slow decline any minute now. I'm thinking of taking pics every month or two. :)

  5. oh! my brain has just about stopped spinning....but I willdive in again tomorrow! ;oO

    I think you should take pics every month - you can get to see which month is the messiest! lol!

    hugs xxx

  6. At least you have a room just for jewelry making!