Friday, January 22, 2010

The IDEAL Way to Store all that Wire!

I just ran across this wire storage tip from Kelsi's Closet - . I don't want to steal her photo, so click that link for a look.

I already use gallon-size ziplock bags and put them in order by size. But... they are on the floor, so I do a bit of stretching each time I get one. Then I end up with 3 bags (16, 18 and 20 gauge) on the table because I'm going to use them again right away, aren't I?

I like her cart with the drawer for the spools. A tabletop file holder like this one at Office Depot would be handy too. I could keep the spools where they already are... in a box on the floor.  Maybe it will find a table. 

I'm working on rearranging the work spaces and clearing out unused beads... still.  That's a work in progress, but I really need to move some tables around. 

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  1. I keep my wires in a set of drawers which are sitting on my workshop bench.
    I only have enough drawers to organise in type so a drawer for silver, a drawer for gold plate etc.
    Thank you for visiting. Did you find my jewellery blog too?