Sunday, January 31, 2010

Month of Earrings Challenge

If you make jewelry, join the month of earrings challenge started by Vickie Hallmark.  Details are on her blog.  My first entry is a pair of hematite earrings with Hill Tribe silver beads and my balled head pins and ear wires.


  1. Excellent, Carol! Glad to have someone to prod me along. ;-)

  2. Vickie - Your work is amazing. You inspire me to up my game a bit.

  3. Carol,
    these earrings are really pretty - classics that could be worn all the time! Making earrings alone would be a challenge for me because I rarely make them...I get too frustrated with trying to get the earwires to match up enough! Looking forward to seeing more of your earrings!

  4. Cindy,

    I'm honored by your compliment. Your work is beautiful.

    I rely on my Sharpie marks in just the right places on just the right tools. :)

  5. Look forward to seeing your 30!

  6. Ruth -
    Thanks. You've reminded me I need to post the second one! Just 28 to go. :)