Monday, February 22, 2010

Holy #$%@!

After a delicious dinner tonight, I sat down at the laptop and thought about creating an Etsy Treasury. I've read about them but never tried to create one. (It's a group of Etsy listings selected by an Etsy member and visible to everyone. The special thing is that folks like to look at them and Etsy staff often selects the front page items from the Treasuries). I knew it involved watching the "list" until a spot opened up.

So, off I went to read the Etsy treasury how-to, selected my items (skipping over the many mis-tagged ones) in the poster sketch tool, and carefully watched the clock. Holy $)#@! I typed in the name when the little box came up and got a Treasury spot! I started selected the items with a "starry, starry night" thought, but it quickly morphed into an aqua and light blue stars theme. So, after all that talk (I hope you're still with me), I present my humble first Treasury.

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