Saturday, June 5, 2010


The Texas Arts and Crafts show in Kerrville was a blast. I met lots of nice folks, had a nice breeze in my booth, and didn't spend too much. I love when outdoor shows have air-conditioned bathrooms and the volunteers bring you cold water! I bought a print of the above artwork from fellow Austinite Jennifer Becker. She does pastels of succulents with beautiful colors and an abstract quality. I already want more of her work. (I hope she doesn't mind me using her pic.)

I resisted buying a photograph from Jamie Rood (another Austinite), but with great difficulty. His work is amazing! Check out his work here.

I also got a pair of earrings from my friend Tamara. They use her own lampworked landscape beads! Click here for her necklace gallery, then scroll down to the "red landscape necklace" to see examples of her landscape beads.

I've rearranged the garage a bit to make all my show totes more accessible. They are finally on shelves! I'm going outside to take photos for my Etsy shop until the temperature hits 90 (which may be very shortly). We are in for a long hot summer here in Central Texas. :)

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