Wednesday, August 11, 2010

ABS Bead Loot

I'm finally rested after a whirlwind 11 days of planes, big-city sightseeing in Cincinnati (lions, tigers, bears, flowers, sharks and a kimodo dragon), an awesome 2-day torch-firing class at Thompson Enamel, then the always-fun Austin Bead Society Bazaar. Now I'm editing pictures! For your viewing pleasure today, here are my goodies from the Austin Bead Society show.

The abalone pointy ovals, 12 mm black onyx, 14 mm tourmilated (sp?) quartz, and 8 mm black onyx are from Christy Ma of Queenly Global Trading. I know I had something in mind for the abalone and I'll remember what it was eventually.

What a wonderful surprise it was to realize that LeAnn from Summers Studio was only two tables away from me! I've followed her blog for a good while and love her work. (Yes, I did the blog-stalker thing of "Oh, my God, I follow your blog and here you are!") Her work looks even better in person. The bronze clay is my favorite pendant and I can't wait to use all them. The deep teal blue pearls are from Zeka Beads. I couldn't stop at one; I had to have all three strands. It's a good thing she didn't pull more out from under the table.

Don't worry, I'm not planning to use these together in a piece of jewelry. It was hot outside so I put them in one photo instead of two. All these are from Queenly Global Trading. The top strands are Red Creek jasper and the bottom ones are very pretty purple-gold-white-beige shells. I am going to make some enamel beads to go with these. (Yes, really.)

That's all?!?!? Yep, mostly. I bought a bit more onyx and Red Creek jasper than the photos show. I didn't photograph the Czech beads because I'm in denial about them.

I know it isn't much compared to what I may or may not have done (and spent) in years past. I really don't need any beads. (But I'm out of black onyx, so I must need more. I'm always using it. And the Red Creek jasper is so pretty and I've run out of it. And then I got to see in person... well, I've already explained that above. And the teal pearls have a purpose, I'm sure.)

I want to say a special "thank you" to the ABS board and everyone who worked on the bazaar. In addition to doing their usual great job, they brought in the usual amount of shoppers despite having the show a month earlier than usual. Publicity Coordinator, Barbara Zaslow must have worked her tail off! Thank you all!

I'll be editing my 300 Cincinnati/ Northern Kentucky photos for a while.

Have a great day!


  1. Ah, Carol, I think you did more shopping even than I did! Great beads here. I am loving seeing your purchases from me. Great photos of a selection that is particularyly hard to photograph. It was lovely to put a face and lovely person to someone I reconize from my blog. Hopefully it won't be an entire year before we get to exchange a bit of bead talk.

  2. LeAnn,

    Thank you so much! Hopefully I'll see you in Arlington in October. Give me a holler if you decide to go.

  3. Sounds like a big trip! I'm in love withe the clay pendants. Gorgeous! I would have had trouble withholding the cash, for sure.