Monday, September 13, 2010

Red Hot and Hammered - Texas Metal Arts Festival

A friend and I trekked down I-35 yesterday to the Texas Metal Arts Festival in Gruene. There was so much wonderful jewelry and found object recycled metal art!

What you see above isn't just ordinary soldering. Joel Schwalfenberg is a second generation master goldsmith. He is using a blowtorch to solder a stack of domed discs of three different sizes and with different dapped depths. (That's probably not the proper terminology, but hopefully you get the idea). The largest of these three domed discs was about 1/2".

What about this blowtorch? See how there are two tubes going into the torch end? One tube is connected to a propane tank. The other tube is connected to his mouth. He is blowing into it. Apparently this is a very old technique.

We saw the lovely and beautiful jewelry of Lorena Angulo, plus an excellent bronze clay demo by her. On top of that, the necklace she was wearing is on the cover of the current Metalclay Artist magazine! She teaches at the Southwest School of Arts and Crafts. I was too transfixed to take a picture of her.

Visit the Texas Metal Arts site (here) to click through to the exhibitors' sites. You'll be very impressed by the talent!


  1. You are one lucky chick to be able to go to this festival! I was wondering why the guy was crouched so low. Good gosh. I'd probably burn my face right off. :)

  2. Wow that sounds fantastic Carol!!