Monday, December 27, 2010

After-Christmas Sale in My Etsy Shop

Yeah, I know I'm a little slow getting this done. I've been putting it off because part of me hates to put things on sale, another part of me wants to move inventory, and another part wants to say a huge "Thank You!" to my customers. We all reached a compromise: only selected pieces are on sale.

So far I have 19 items marked down to 25% off in my Etsy shop. I may add a few more in the next day or two. Here are pics of some of the sale items. I've had trouble getting links to work with photos lately. If the photos don't link to Etsy, click the link "19 items..." in the sentence above to be transported directly to the sale section of my Etsy store.

Thank you and Happy New Year!



  1. Just a friendly hello from one seller of jewelry to another. I like your stuff and have to agree that I struggle with thinking if I want to put stuff on sale after Christmas. I always wonder if it will still sell or not?? Best of luck in your sales :)

  2. Thank you Kaliah! Best wishes for you in 2011!