Friday, February 4, 2011

Reds and Corals for Valentine's Day

Yum!  I really starting liking red suddenly about the time I turned a certain (*cough*) age.  I didn't rush to find a red hat society group though.  (I'm too much of a loner for that.)   I'd always loved its close neighbor, coral.  I wore a coral dress to my Mom's second wedding.  I'd scan that pic, but it involves '80s hair and I just can't do that to you. 

A couple of very nice Etsians included my jewelry in coral and red treasuries today.  I found plenty of new things to love in these treasuries. 

First up is Coral Music by bnazar, who has lots of fun button brooches in her shop.  I need to stay away from these coral Czech glass dagger beads, yes I do.  Isn't that purse adorable!?  It already sold.  She has other cute things, though.  :)   

Next is Red Lanterns by nathalieortega .  Nathalie's shop has adorable artwork that would look great in a little girl's room.  I'm loving the cherry red vintage lantern (but not the price) and the red lantern switchplate cover from this Treasury group.  

Get all your red ready for Valentine's Day.  :)


  1. Those are really nice treasuries and your jewelry fits right in. I can see you in a red hat. Maybe something along the lines of beret. Maybe not the red hat ladies, but the red hat? Yes!

  2. Oh, a red beret! I would never have thought of that and I love the idea!